Add record to DNS

I need to create a DNS record. The record I am creating is CNAME. I have these 3 value sI need to enter in


But when I go to create the CNAME record, the only options are Name & Content. How do I know what information goes where? This is all to authenticate an email

Go here, I suspect Name is Name and Host is Target. Date is time to live, I suspect, it set at auto, ignore it.

Sorry, the value is ‘Data’ not date. I mispelled it

I have the Host in the content field since it would not accept what I have for ‘Data’. Not sure if I have the correct info in the right fields, but it looks right. I am just not sure where the ‘Data’ info should go and my CRM still shows that the email is unauthenticated

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If cloonan’s suggestion of using name as name and host as target does not work, try instead to use host as name and data as target

If this also does not work, I suggest reaching out to your email provider for clarification on how they need the records set up.

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