Add record pointing to server not working

I bought a domain from GoDaddy and then changed the nameservers to Cloudflare. The status shows that the domain is active on Cloudflare, but when I add an A record pointing to my server, it doesn’t work. It’s been a while, and when I access it, it still displays the GoDaddy page. I need support, what should I do?

What is the domain? What A record did you add, and what do you expect to see when visiting your site?

Can you show a screenshot of your DNS records?

Thanks for reply!

My domain
This is screenshot my setting

The DNS records resolves to what you have in the screenshot (as you have set the record to “DNS only”)…

I don’t see a Godaddy page. shows Hello World! and www shows the default nginx page.

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I don’t know why , what ever u see is my page I created to test on my server, but this is I see when I visit site

Do u have any suggest for me? Thanks

I see you have now proxied your DNS records. The public resolvers all have the correct IP addresses…

It seems some places in Asia are slow to pick up your IP change, maybe you had a long TTL on your Godaddy DNS…

It should sort itself out in time as the changes propagate.

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Thanks so much! Now I see it seem working normal, It’s first time I meet that. Thank u sooooo much again!

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