Add payment method -> "An error occured while saving your payment method, try again."


I am trying to get started with Zero Trust
While choosing a plan I am asked to add a new payment method.
However, adding a new payment method always fails with “An error occured while saving your payment method, try again.”.
I have tried three different VISA cards and paypal as well. All fail with the same error (btw, “occured” is misspelled).

Found only this post Cannot remove "Access policy" on Pages - #4 by heathdutton which seems not to be really solved.


I’m getting the same error. Tried both normal and private mode, PayPal and direct debit card, tried removing accented characters from my name, selecting personal or business (since I’m just signing up for a free plan it doesn’t affect tax in my case), but no good.

Looking at Chrome dev tools, I see this error, which sounds like Cloudflare’s captcha is misconfigured (I do not see any captcha prompt, though it could be an invisible one):

{"success":false,"errors":[{"code":1321,"message":"Captcha signature validation failed: challenge not completed"}]}

I managed to get around the error by going to the main dashboard (not and adding a payment method from there.
After that I managed to pick a plan


Awesome, can confirm the workaround!

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