Add-on domain

Can I use Cloudflare for my add-on domains? (They’re not subdomains).

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Yes, however you should know that subscriptions are per-domain, so you can’t buy Pro/Business for all of your account’s domains at once or for a single price.

If I use the subscription for my main domain, do you know if it will cover the add on?

It will not. You can purchase a subscription specifically for the extra domains.

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The $20/month?

If you need Pro features, yes, $20/month. Depending on what you are doing, the free plan might be sufficient.

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Do you think I can use the free plan and use Add-on Domains?

It depends what you are doing, but I would expect the Free plan will cover most needs, especially if you are just redirecting traffic.

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Is it true?

Is what true?

Your answer you gave

Which part? Cloudflare’s free tier has pretty decent coverage, it’ll meet at least some needs.

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