Add on domain on same server not working

I have my domain
This one is on Cloudfare up and running.

From this domain cpanel server i create add-on domain named

Both of domain dns pointed to : still not working after 5 days.

Do i have to do something else ?

I dont find any answer on my problem. Thanks to help me

You don’t have any DNS records configured on Cloudflare’s side.

Considering you called it an addon domain, you most likely should configured them in an identical fashion to your original domain.

Hi thanks for the reply,

as you see on the first screenshot all those dns have been automaticaly added when i add to cloudfare. the only thing i did its to change my dns on the domain on my hosting panel.

on the second screenshot its the dns. i did the same thing. i add the website on cloudfare and i change the dns on my hosting panel. this one have no automatic entries.

Did i have to export the entry of and import to on cloudfare side ? Im mixed up. Thanks again

That’s exactly the issue. does not have DNS records. You need to add whatever is necessary, probably duplicate the entries from the other domain.

alright i try that. thank you

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