Add-on domain not loading

I have successfully setup my DNS setting so my website loads through Cloudflare’s CDN.

However I have an add-on domain, 'membership . mywebsite . com, that I would like to bypass Cloudflare’s CDN. I have tried creating a CNAME record with proxy turned off but didn’t work.

Currently my websites stored under the add-on domain does not load.

What’s the DNS name of your subdomain? Can you post a screenshot of your DNS page?

Please see screenshot attached.
The red arrow points to the add-on domain that’s not loading.
Essentially I don’t want this additional site to proxy through Cloudflare.

It looks like the CNAME target is the same as the name, which would cause an infinite lookup loop thus Cloudflare is preventing the CNAME from resolving

if the subdomain website is hosted on the same origin server as the main site, just set the CNAME target to Even though the DNS entry for the apex domain is proxied, traffic to the subdomain will not pass through the proxy. You will see a warning message that the CNAME reveals the IP of the proxied apex domain, which you can ignore unless you’re trying to keep the IP a complete secret.

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Thanks for getting back to me.

The CNAME wasn’t previously there. I added it in an attempt to trying and get the add-on domain working.

It’s not technically a subdomain and the site is not hosted on the same server.
So I’m not sure what to do now to get it working.

Well. where does the traffic need to go? If someone puts in their web browser, you would expect some web server to answer the request,yes? Now: which server? Do you have the IP of that server?

The add-on domain is a members area that is managed by a third party.
Are you saying I just need to create an A record that points to their specific server?
If so I can request that.

Thank you for your help.

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You can either create an A record pointing to an IP or a CNAME pointing to the domain name of the target server. If it’s a third-party server ask them how you should do it.

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I’ll update this thread once I’ve sorted it.

I couldn’t use I.P address as the members provider doesn’t offer a static I.P.

But CNAME record worked perfectly.

Now I just need to get Cloudflare CDN working!

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