Add new website and error code: 1004

Hello community,

I know this question was asked a few times already but they Trust and Safety team isn’t responding.

So a website from our customer was marked as phishing last month. I’ve already removed the malicious content and scripts. The response I got is:

“One of your domains is setup for intentional phishing which is a violation to our terms of service.
We suspended your account and no changes will be made on our end.”

I’ve tried multiple times to ask for a response but till now no news. And because the account is suspended we can’t add new websites.

Any help is really appreciated. Thank you in advance!

Hi @kantoor,

The community can’t help with abuse related cases, I am afraid that T&S are the only people who can. When the suspension occured, you should have been able to reply to the email you received to discuss with the team. There is also usually a ‘Request Review’ option in your Cloudflare dashboard. If not, please open a support ticket and ask that it be escalated to T&S.

Hi @domjh,

That’s the problem, I’ve already done that a few time with no results.
I hoped that someone with have a similiar experience or a mod could forward the issue.

So the best option is, to try opening a ticket again?

If you already have a ticket open, reply to that to continue the discussion. One of the mods may check, but I believe that most staff can’t see the T&S queue.

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