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Good afternoon,

Are there any restrictions on adding domains in the .UZ zone now?
During the addition, the system responds /Please enter a valid domain/
Before that, I had no problems adding domains in the .UZ zone.

It needs to be a domain, not a URL, and it needs to be an immediate child of a public domain, not some hostname or sub-domain of a private domain.

Plus, it should be loading all right on HTTPS.

If you have checked these things, it should add without issues.

Thank you for reply.

There are more than one hundred domains in my account, including .UZ
But for the last two days, the domain has not been added with the wording indicated below.

What’s the domain?

For example

The error message is unusual, but for example it does not follow what I just wrote.

How will it be loaded by HTTPS if the domain does not yet have a DNS zone.
To create a DNS zone, I’m trying to add a domain.

Well, that’s something you need to discuss with your host and that’s not Cloudflare related.

You also have the wrong nameservers, the whole domain is misconfigured.

So first, fix your domain first and make sure it is loading on HTTPS before you add it to Cloudflare.

wrong nameservers?

Sure, these are not valid nameservers for your domain.

Again, make sure that your site is loading fine on HTTPS and once that works we can check out any possible Cloudflare related issues.

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