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I trying to add new site with 4 nameservers, include 2 Cloudflare’s nameserver: and So, nameserver of my site are:

Does Cloudflare support ?

My opinion is use 2 DNS providers for backup DNS server.

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In general any Cloudflare performance and security settings can’t/wont work that way. Can you set up Cloudflare a s secondary nameservers? Yes on an Enterprise plan.

What’s the goal you’re trying to achieve by leaving your existing nameservers in place?

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Thanks for you response, my goal is use Cloudflare as backup nameserver. My current provider nameserver was under DDoS attacked. But they don’t have any solution.

Cloudflare provides DNS for (last time I checked) > 43M domains and also operates a public resolver ( with a rediculous number of daily queries and currently provides TLD services for the .gov domain. Their ability to absorb a DDoS attack is probably the best of any DNS provider today.

If you really want to run a hidden primary, Cloudflare supports it on their enterprise plan. They also operate some crazy bespoke plans, but unless you expect your domain to receive 63 trillion DNS queries a day (not an exaggeration) I anticipate Cloudflare could resolve it on their free plan without issue.


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