Add new site problem

Hello guys
i have an interesting problem with Cloudflare
please take a look on this picture

This domain has been registered for a few days and even NameServer records has been set up to Cloudflare name servers but i can not add it to my account ! face me error is not a registered domain !

however you can check the whois information here :

It shouldn’t have Cloudflare name servers if it hasn’t already been added to your account. It needs authoritative name servers already set up.


thank you for the answer
i just do the tips and problem still exist
even i register another domain and i can see same problem
i think cloudflare have some dns problem or at least with .icu .site TLD
because i already have more than 10 domains in my cloudflare account but in another TLD and i didnt had this problem before !


thank you man, you save my time! i just checked a lots of time in and

And it showed me that the domain has NS record
but when i try with dig or google tool i received similar result like yours

so it means there is problem in my registrar, i will be touch with them

Cloudflare is perfect

thanks you

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It’s not an NS record you need to change. It’s the WHOIS info at your registrar.

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