Add new domain issue

we have multiple domain added on Cloudflare and it is running perfect but when added new domain from last week on Cloudflare nameserver is not propagating and got pending nameserver update status.

What is your domain?

why you are looking at specific Domain as i mentioned we have multiple domains.

Hi @sohail

We are trying to help you.

Can you kindly check if you have the DNSSEC disabled when adding the nameservers?

Use this tool to understand more issues with your domains!

If you need further help on this, share more details.

Take care!

Because you asked for help and no one here is omniscient. There are multiple mistakes that can lead tothe symptomyou have described. We have to use tools to identify what is wrong your configuration. Such investigation is impossible without knowing the domain name.

Link Text

Hi sohail!

Unfortunately, your link text doesn’t contain a link.

You can post the domain like example(dot)com

It’s just this one domain, right? You said you had multiple working perfect, but just this one with the trouble. It’s just this one that we need to be able to help you with your issue.



What name servers do you see below your DNS record(s)?