Add new DNS Location

I am currently facing an issue while attempting to add another DNS location. Despite being assigned the super admin role, I am encountering an error that states I don’t have the necessary permissions to perform this action.

What error message do you receive?

Can you clear cache & cookies and try again? If you’re still encountering an issue, can you share the name of the website?

You may also want to create an Account ticket with Support in case we need their assistance. You can open an Account ticket here, If you open a ticket, can you share your ticket number here?

Despite being on a super admin account, I’m getting the “This account does not have access to this feature” error. I went the usual route of clearing the cache and cookies, but the issue’s still hanging around.

I shot a message to support, but no responses yet.

Is that opening a ticket via the dash here, If so, can you share the ticket number? If not, can you open a ticket via the dash and share your ticket number here?

i haven’t received the ticket number