Add name servers to .ie domain

When I try to update the my control panel with the nameservers provided by Cloudflare I am blocked from doing so…ie new servers can not be updated. When I spoke to my hosting company (hosting Ireland)t o try and resolve this. They informed me that the servers cloudflare gave me for my domain are not authoritative ie there is no dns records and that this problems was unique to .ie domains (in Ireland)…they said I would have to revert back to cloudflare to resolve …hence the reason I’m here. Can anyone help?

Your domain is most likely already active on another Cloudflare account and you’d need to remove it from there first.

Can't set nameservers - (Inconsistent Set of NS / Nameserver not authoritative) has all the details on that.

This is not the case. I spoke to my hosting company in Ireland and they informed me that this is a problem unique to .ie registrations. Whereby the digg investigating is done before nameserver changes are allowed. With most other domains (eg .com etc) Cloudflare have 24 hours from when nameservers are changed to update dns records. However as I mentioned earlier this is not the case with .ie domains. To resolve the issue Cloudflare will need set up dns records for ie there needs to be matching dns records on both servers before the the update can be done with my hosting company

What is not the case?

If Cloudflare returns different nameservers than the ones listed in your account, the domain will be already active and you’d need to remove it first or follow the instructions in the linked article.

Right now, Cloudflare does not return any nameservers. Which nameservers were you given?

    Hosting Ireland (my hosting company are very aware of this problem ie when people try and update with cloudflare nameservers for .ie domains…as per my previous comment they clearly outline what Cloudflare would need to do to resolve the issue

These nameservers do respond for the domain and they do respond also with themselves as authoritative nameservers.

You should be good to go, if there are issues you need to discuss this with your registrar. From a Cloudflare point of view it seems to be correctly set up.

You just need to change the nameservers at this point.

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Thanks for your help but I’m not sure you are fully reading my comments. When I try to update name servers with my hosting company this is the error message I get.

“Your DNS change has failed as your hosting provider has not made their DNS servers “Authoritative” for your domain. Please contact the company that provided these nameservers for assistance.”

The hosting company have clearly stated why this problem is happening (which they inform me they have come across many times before with .ie domains) …and they have clearly outlined and what Cloudflare needs to do to resolve it . (as per my previous comments)

I already addressed that, so I need to ask you to re-read my responses please.

The servers are very much authoritative for your domain

nslookup -type=ns
Address:   nameserver =   nameserver =

They respond and they are authoritative for your domain. Your registrar needs to fix that, from a Cloudflare point of view this is all in place as I already mentioned.

Do you work for Cloudflare?

You are obviously on the community, you might want to open a support ticket instead.

But again, as the previous output shows, the Cloudflare configuration is all right.

Did you attempt to change the nameservers to bayan and venus? That’s when you got that error?

Yes and that’s when I got the problem. From what I gather the problem is unique to irish registered domains (.ie domains) They do the digg search before they allow hosting co to change …where as with .com etc there is a 24 hour delay which allows Cloudflare to update records after nameservers have been made with hosting company…and this appears to be where the issue lies. I have set up a support ticket, but once again thanks for all your help. I will let you know the out come either way.

I am not sure what delay they are referring to.

I am afraid all I can say is what I already elaborate twice on, Cloudflare carries your domain on the given nameservers in an authoritative fashion. I am not sure what your registrar’s issue is, but that feedback is inaccurate. Cloudflare responds for your domain, responds on these nameservers, and in an authoritative fashion. Compare the earlier output to

nslookup -type=ns

Non-authoritative answer:   nameserver =   nameserver =   nameserver =

No problem lets see what support have to say. My hosting company are adamant that this is a regular occurance unique to .ie domains (irish registered domains)

European registries often do have more strict requirements than .com’s registry for example, but the configuration nonetheless is correct. There is nothing that should prevent the Irish registry from assigning these nameservers.

Thanks, I’ll await response from support before I decide next move. Will keep you posted if you like.

I just received a generic reply from support re my query its a long email and I haven’t had a chance to go through it all yet. But there was one interesting paragraph that caught my eye.
"Moving nameservers on some European registrars requires configuration changes by Cloudflare - if you are using an European registrar please reply to this email for technical support follow up.

That only applies to when you have the domain already active on another account that I already covered four days ago.

Again, the Cloudflare configuration is good and you should be able to assign the nameservers, if you can’t it is an issue with your registrar.

I have just replied to Cloudflare support …lets see what happens

Just keep in mind support tickets on Free plans can take some time.

It probably really would be best if you clarified first with your registrar what the issue is, I doubt Cloudflare can do anything here. As evident from this output and its flags it is obvious that Cloudflare announces its authority for that domain.

$ dig SOA

;; Got answer:
;; ->>HEADER<<- opcode: QUERY, status: NOERROR, id: 45942
;; flags: qr aa rd

;			IN	SOA

;; ANSWER SECTION:		3600	IN	SOA 2034935154 10000 2400 604800 3600