Add Name Servers if my domain is pointed to other hosting

Recently I pointed my domain into a Hostgator using their Name Servers. So my question is… How can I add the NS of CloudFlare in GoDaddy without taking off performance to my site?

Hi @edgar.rangel,

If you want to use Cloudflare, you need to set Cloudflare’s Nameservers, and no others. Just the two that Cloudflare provide.

If you check that all the DNS records in Cloudflare match those at your web host, you should be OK.

I am not sure what your concern is, Cloudflare should enhance both the security and performance of your site.

Many Thanks for your help.

My issue is that currently I have a Hosting VPS with Hostgator and they told me that I needed pointed the domain to their VPS with a custom DNS.

So, I’d love know how to manage CloudFlare and know how can I point my domain to my VPS Hosting without loosing the site.

BTW: (Forgive my English)

If you make sure that all your DNS records match and that you have HTTPS already working on your site before you add it to Cloudflare (unless you want to disable SSL), you hsouldn’t have any problem. The DNS records point to your hosting.

Oh, perfect!

I’ll do that this Friday Night. I will let you know if it works

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