Add my Webbuilders Nameservers To Cloudflare

Hey Guys,
Im really stuck working on this for 3 hours now. tried so much but nothing seems to work
Hope anyone can help me.
My domain is on namecheap. I have added already the nameservers on namecheap to add the domain to cloudflare.
I have added the mx records for my google workspace account and email is working fine.
I want to add now my webbuilders nameservers and have tried already a few Variations but they didnt worked. Can anyone help me how i have to add them.
thanks in advance

You can’t use two sets of name servers for the same website.

If your web builder wants you to use their name servers for your domain, then you can’t use your own Cloudflare account for DNS (or pretty much anything else). In this case, you’ll have to set those two name servers at Namecheap instead of your current two name servers.

Typically, though, a provider will let you use your own DNS, and just add their DNS records. But not always.

ah ok thank you very much @sdayman
i think i look into namecheap.really need google mx records and NS to this webpagebuilder.
It should work somehow just not sure how

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