Add MX records to Cloudflare

I just linked my website namseservers to Cloudfare. I would like ask about adding Add MX records to Cloudflare. Is it a Must to do this procedure? Actually, I amn’t IT expert and I am afraid that I may do something wrong, what about if I skipped this step?
please advise because I watched the guiding video twice and I haven’t been able to understand it well

You only need MX records if you want to receive email at that domain. Your email host will have this information if you wish to do so.

I would also recommend either Office 365 or G Suite over purchasing email from your host since both of these would be more secure and provide more features.

Thanks for your info. Actually, I have my hosting at Bluehost and purchased GSuite Service so I dont know where can I find such info to add MX records. The question is if I wont create such MX records, will be there any issue?

yes, I already purchased GSuite Service

Sounds good, you should see the instructions for G Suite here -

For email to work I suggest setting up the MX records, but if you don’t you will still be able to use G Suite minus receiving email.

If you do set up the MX records, there shouldn’t be an issues. It doesn’t affect security or anything like that.

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