Add multiple domains at once?

Hello, how am I able to add multiple domains at once? The documentation is unclear in my opinion.

You are referring to, right?

In what way would you call it unclear?

“Open your terminal application (e.g Terminal, or and set your API Key & email”

I don’t have a “Terminal, or” I am on windows. And command prompt does not work. Why is there not a simple way to add multiple domains?

I have to add 9-12 domains to Cloudflare.

Z:>for domain in $(cat domains.txt); do flarectl zone create --zone=$domain --jumpstart=false; done
domain was unexpected at this time.

Welcome to a world where everyone assumes you are on Unix :wink:

Thats a Unix command. You’d need to port that call to Windows’ command line.

Honestly, I’d add them manually.

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