Add more than 10 Security Keys (WebAuthn) in 2FA

I would like to add more than 10 Security Keys to my Cloudflare Account because I have several security keys and I would also like to add platform authenticators for each of my devices.

The dashboard tells me to contact support to add more keys, but customer support doesn’t seem to know anything about it.

This is obviously not a technical issue as this limit was added recently and I do have more than 10 security keys on my account, I really can’t understand why there is such a limit, it doesn’t make sense.

Just wondering and due to my curiosity, as you’re adding more than 10 Security Keys, no need to answer with the number rather with yes/no, however do you also have got more than 1 sub-account added as a member of your CF account / organization? :thinking:

They should escalate to someone who does. The community won’t be able to address something requiring a code change or feature setting.