Add to Cloudflare

Hello there! Maybe someone could help me with this issue:

I do can add sub domains (like to main domain account in Cloudflare.

The problem is, i have a website located at and I can’t add it to Cloudflare. It isn’t a subdomain, it’s a different website.( and are 2 different websites)

Can you help me figure out how to add to cloudflare? It isn’t a subdomain as i mentioned.

When I try to add, I get invalid domain error.

You dont need to add anything. /blog will be forwarded to your server just as if there wasnt Cloudflare. Anything else will happen on your server.

Hello sandro, thanks!
So you’re saying that I don’t need to worry, that will be working with cloudflare only by being inside that is already working?

Or are you saying that I just can’t add /blog since it is inside

I am saying the former. /blog will work just fine. Cloudflare is just a reverse proxy and handles directory requests (and /blog is nothing else from an HTTP perspective) just like any other web server/proxy.

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