Hi, I see that the add HTML app is no longer available, what other option do I have? I used it to edit themes easily

Cloudflare Apps are deprecated and will be sunset in the near future.
Cloudflare will be creating a new Apps experience.

May I ask if it was some kind of a static Web app or Website? :thinking:

If so, you could give it a try with Cloudflare Pages - you can Direct upload a ZIP file which contains all the assets and files, otherwise you can everything from a specific directory/folder on your device from the desktop. Nevertheless, you can attach an working one from Github repo.

Useful article:

Furthermore, depending on a complexity of the HTML app you’re having, there also is a way to create a simple Cloudflare Worker and display it as a HTML page for yourdomain like or under some path like

Helpful article:

Hello, thank you for your reply. It is an OJS: Open Journal Systems (OJS) - Software - Public Knowledge Project - This tutorial:
I want to insert HTML sections inside index, for example. I’m interested in that rather than full pages. Is it possible to do that?

As far as I’ve checked the system requirements for this, unfortunately this cannot work with the suggested solutions from my reply above since it requires PHP and other stuff :confused:

However, if you’d find a shared web hosting and install it there, we could get it working.

Possible with Pages and Workers, however writing the code itself could be difficult if this is not your primary field of knowledge. Would require more time, since it’s not a “single-click” solution.

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