Add Hostgatore DNS to Cloudflare domain?

How do I add Manually entering Hostgator DNS records to the Cloudflare domain?

You don’t.

But, How I can add the Hostgator DNS?

My previous answer is based on the idea that you are trying to use third-party DNS servers, e.g. Hostgator DNS, with a domain you have registered with Cloudflare. If that is the case, my previous answer stands, as that is not possible.

If you are asking something else, such as how to manually add existing records that are currently hosted elsewhere, can you explain in more detail exactly what you are hoping to accomplish?

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Yes, You are right. I have a host on Hostgator and I need to add Hostgator DNS, with a domain I registered with Cloudflare.

And as you say that is not possible.
So I will transfer the domain from Cloudflare to GoDaddy to allow me to do that.


Why not just create the relevant DNS records in Cloudflare?

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how do I do that?

Actually, I added the CNAME, but it doesn’t work.
check this image.

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By manually entering all relevant records relating to your web hosting into the Cloudflare DNS tab. What type of hosting do you have with HostGator?

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Ok, But how.
I have a shared host and the DNS on the image above.

Those nameservers are the servers that your hosting provider offers for people that don’t have their own DNS provider. You don’t need those and you should remove those CNAMEs from your Cloudflare DNS RRs. They serve no practical purpose and are creating unnecessary confusion.

Start by figuring out what records you need. Are you trying to set up email with your domain? Are you using your domain on a website?

Since you have a hosting account with Hostgator, you can log in there and see what records they have auto-generated in their DNS settings. There may be some that you don’t need, which is why I suggest by defining your objectives. Knowing what your desired outcome is key to selecting the proper steps.

In the case of using your domain name on a website, you will need an A record at the very least. If you want the apex domain ( to resolve to your webserver, that is where you need an A record. If you also want to resolve to your webserver, you can add a matching A record for www or you could use a CNAME to make www an alias of

I recommend taking a brief read through Cloudflare’s article on DNS records.

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As you’ve been unable to sufficiently tell me enough about the host this is not a Cloudflare related issue you should contact your host and ask them to provide you all relevant records for a manual DNS setup.

Once you have all the relevant records provided to you by the host you should be able to enter them into the dashboard for the domain name in Cloudflare by going to the DNS tab.

Alternatively if you have a control panel notably cPanel they’ll be a way for you to see all records for the domain name and you can copy the relevant records to Cloudflare.

For cPanel you would log into your cPanel account and go to the Domain section then look for the menu Zone Editor and then you want to click the manage button next to the domain name in question and all the records for the domain name will be shown.

You can copy all relevant records to Cloudflare at this point and wait for propagation and your website and email and then the other services that you copied the relevant records for will start working again.

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