Add Header Name Value

We have turned on the proxy for an entry that is hosted on a 3rd party system. There have been issues with CSS changes that had been implemented while the proxy has been turned on. The 3rd party is using Akamai. The solution that they have provided is the following:

When a client decides to use Cloudflare (CF) as a proxy, there may be some special considerations which require a custom request header to be configured on the client CF end in order to bypass the Akamai Client Rep system

On occasion, some CF servers may be flagged with poor Akamai client rep scores. This will result in an access denied message on either the page or some elements in the page content, such as css/images/logos/etc…

We do not recommend clients layer CF on top of our setup with Akamai as it is redundant and can cause unintended issues such as performance, caching and security.

If it is possible to implement the below solution our systems administration team confirmed this should resolve similar issues moving forward:

Header Name: X-Aka-CR-Bypass

***Value: {expunged}

If the client configures this request header when making any calls back to our origin within their CF setup, this should whitelist them surgically so they will not be impacted by any poor reputation CF servers

Where could this be added within the Cloudflare system for this one particular host?

That sounds like a HTTP Transform Rule:

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