Add hashchange trigger separated from pageview (edited)

[Added] I found that can stop trigger Pageview on hashchange, via [Settings]->[Compatibility]->[Single Page Application support] flag.
but I can’t fire the manual event on hashchange, so it will be great if zaraz add hashchange trigger. thanks!

[Original post]
Hi, I run a site on MPA and after installing Zaraz and watching it for a while I noticed that it was logging more traffic than normal.
I used Devtool to dig around and found that every time the hashchange event we use on the site fires, a Pageview is being logged.
This should not be logged as a Pageview as it is an auxiliary function for sharing links.
I suggest separating the hashchange event from the Pageview, as it has too many side-effects for an event that is fired on “every page where Zaraz is loaded”.

Thanks for the note, we shall look into it. But out of curiosity, we can’t you fire a zaraz.track() on hashchange? @ku-suke

Yes, I am currently writing code to bind to the hashchange event and call zaraz.track() there.
However, if zaraz would natively support this event, it would make the site more maintainable. Especially for siteowners like me who code only partially interactive in the MPA site.