Add .gov domain to account

Hey there, hoping to get some help from support. I’m stuck in a catch-22 trying to add a .gov domain to my account. The registrar (Dotgov) will not activate the domain without name servers and I can’t get Cloudflare name servers without an active domain. After reading on the subject, my understanding is that a member of Cloudflare support will need to manually add the domain.

I tried opening a support ticket twice for the issue, but the tickets were automatically closed by a bot stating that I might not be the owner of the domain. (Tickets #2382884 and #2382896) Can a member of support help with this situation, please?

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Yes, I’ll go ahead and escalate your post here for my colleagues.

Many thanks!

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I just reopened the above ticket and added a link to your post here. Sorry for the troubles.

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