Add Expires headers


GTMetrix is suggesting me to fix the following, they both cloudflare files. How can I accomplish that?

Add Expires headers
There are 2 static components without a far-future expiration date.


You shouldn’t need to worry about those resources increasing load time - rocket loader is 3kb and email decode is 1kb, so that may add ~5 milliseconds depending on the user’s connection.


Thanks for replying. I understand the real affect it has is minimum, but because I am doing optimization for a client would be nice to see it out of the report and a higher score. :slight_smile:


I understand your point, but that will be your job, as the consultant, to explain to your client that these scores are, to put it mildly, limited in their usefulness and often overzealous. As @Judge suggested there is really nothing to worry here.

You cant control these settings and the only way to remove these two entries is to disable rocket loader and email obfuscation for that domain in your control panel.

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