Add existing domains to additional admin member

We use a paid account for 4 existing domains. I now added another admin member in the hope that that one too would have access to those domains to monitor, maintain and trouble-shoot.
Unfortunately I cannot find any way to make these four domains available to that new member. “Add Site” takes me through the entire setup process and I don’t want to make any changes to those domains setup.

Could anyone point me towards the proper way to do this?




Hmmm… why is this marked as a solution when it hardly touches on my question? I have the new member setup OK - I just cannot figure out how to add the configured domains to that member!

There’s not a mechanism to add specific domains to a user. There’s a mechanism to add a member to an account/org. The link above provides steps to do that.

So I have an account with four configured domains. Adding another member does not make any of those domains available for that new member? So there is no way of defining two distinct admin accounts with access to the same domains?

Following the link I provided the user can select your account and view the domains and manage them.

No, he can’t. That new administrators domain list is empty …

You Invited the new person using the Members page for the Account in question. When that user accepts and logs in to their Cloudflare account, they will be presented with an account selection page. One of the options will be their “personal” account. The other option should be the Account name of the Account you are sharing with them.

When you visit the Members page, do you see this person listed?

When they log on to their account, do they see the account selection page?

You almost certainly do NOT want to do that.

Thanks, that was the pointer I needed. After I logged on with the new admin credentials I was presented with a choice of either the old or new account. Assuming my browser had cached the original “super admin” credentials I chose the new account without any domains. I now realised this works the other way round - my new credentials give me access to the original account and those domains. I verified that on a different machine without stored credentials. Thanks for that!

BTW this forum seems unusual in that I cannot declare yours the solution I needed, but appearantly cscharff could declare himself as the solution provider…

You as the original poster should be able to mark someone’s reply as solution freely. Is it something not working?

Anyway, I will mark Michael’s reply as solution due to the detailed explanation.

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