Add email DNS records?

So I have recently bought a domain on and I found out they provide an email service for you. But I cannot add the necessary records. I need to add an A record with an IP and two MX IP records. However I can’t do that and get an error of code: 81054. Which is because I am using heroku to host my website and it’s taking up the CNAME root record. Any suggestions for a solution?

That shouldn’t be a problem. Can you post a screenshot of what you’re trying to do?

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Sure thing! Here it is:

Also here is what a representative suggested,which is also what I suspected I should do:
Here are the details for the DNS records please update them in the Cloudfare servers : A record IP:: 66.96.*******
MX record IP(s): 66.96.******* | 66.96.*******
Updating the following should resolve your issue.:slight_smile:

EDIT: Whoops, wrong image, but similar:

The “A” record you’re trying to add with the IP address has the same Hostname as your first CNAME record. The @ symbol is shorthand for your domain name.

That “A” record for your domain name is also your website address, but you said you’re trying to add email.

If that’s the IP address of the mail server, then the “Name” should be a subdomain, like ‘mail’. MX records need to point to a hostname, not an IP address:
MX (this sets an MX record for your domain to point to the ‘mail’ server)

HOWEVER:’s website makes it look like they don’t host email. Their email plans are with Office 365 and G Suite.

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Before I gave my domain the cloudflare nameservers I could send emails to the [email protected] email and they would be forwarded to my email. Will that functionality no longer be available? Also excuse me if I sound like a newbie with regards to this because I well and try am a noob at DNS and Networking :sweat_smile:. I will try using the mail subdomain for the mail server.

Ah, this sounds similar to Gandi’s deal. If I use their name servers, I get some limited email functionality.

You’ll have to check with domaindotcom and find out what’s really going on. Their instructions for MX records were definitely incorrect, as you can’t use IP addresses in MX records.

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It works! All I had to do was add the second IP address as well. I will add a screenshot in case other users of, heroku, and cloudflare end up having up finding this thread one day:

Here is what worked for me. Thanks for your help!

Having two “A” records for ‘mail’ is unconventional, but can still work.

Have you verified that you can send and receive email?

Yep worked fine! In all honestly no clue what’s conventional and unconventional, I’m just a monkey pushing buttons when it comes to this (I’m joking of course, I try to read up as much as possible to avoid asking people for help when there’s material online, still do some guesswork though). Again, thanks for you help!

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