Add Domain with A Record


Is it possible to add a site without moving name servers to Cloudflare? Is it possible to use an A record to point website traffic to Cloudflare?


Changing your nameservers to Cloudflare is what allows us to fully proxy and provision a site. If you can’t change to our nameservers for some reason, then you can activate through one of our certified hosting partners, or by using a CNAME setup (Biz & Ent only).


I am a certified hosting partner and am configuring a site called

I am trying to use the cname method to set up the site and am not sure I am proceeding properly. I wonder if you can look and give me your take.


First, you need to use Cloudflare provided DNS records for your domain.
replace with your IP address.


Proper DNS record for a CNAME setup are as follow:     IN A     [ORIGINIP] IN CNAME

There are also verification TXT record for Business and Enterprise customer who opt for CNAME setup, and also a verification CNAME record for Universal SSL issuance.

Regarding your site, please do a 301 redirect from the root domain to the www subdomain to fully take advantage of Cloudflare. Without the www subdomain, your website will be served directly from your origin server.

If you want to use the root domain, you’ll need to use Cloudflare nameserver.


Have you completed all of the steps outlined in the help article?

  1. Create a Cloudflare account and start adding your website, following the normal process.

  2. STOP at Step 4 of the setup, where the website instructions ask you to change your nameservers. Do not change your nameservers.

  3. Respond to your Cloudflare ticket with the domain name, the account email address. The Business and Enterprise plans offer custom cert upload, but you’ll also have a Cloudflare-issued wildcart cert which may need extra verification step for CNAME setup.

  4. A unique TXT record will be emailed to you by your Cloudflare contact.

  5. Add the TXT record to your authoritative DNS on the root record, with the subdomain host (replace, of course). The TXT record value will be a number (e.g. 856172357-3825555). Leave this TXT record in place.

  6. Cloudflare will verify the presence of the TXT record automatically and email you confirmation of completion. (This may take a few hours.)

  7. Add CNAME(s) to your authoritative DNS provider following the format provided (more detail below).

  8. You’re done!


The domain is, account name Hunter Marketing Group,
account email [removed by staff]

Do I need a TXT record value for each individual domain I addd?



Hi Ben,

I removed your email address from your post to preserve your privacy. It’s not prohibited, but we generally discourage it. I was able to look you up from the info and it looks like our support team has looped in the partner folks on your ticket. They should be able to give you more detailed guidance.