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We purchased a domain from Cloudflare, but we need to add it to our hosting. For this we need to change the nameservers. Our account is free… what is the way to do this without a business account.

Our Cloudflare DNS records are set to hosting and the proxy is turned off, but the cpanel and hosting support team states that we need to change the nameservers.

The reason we bought a domain from Cloudflare was because it was cheap. But if we switch to the business account just for this reason, it becomes more expensive.

Unfortunately changing nameservers for a domain managed with Cloudflare Registrar isn’t supported.

You can check section 6.1 in the Domain Registration Agreement below for more info:

Domain Registration Agreement | Cloudflare

You’ll either need to use Cloudflare’s DNS and get a list of the required records from your host, or transfer your domain elsewhere to change the nameservers.

Rarely is the actually the case. Plenty of hosting providers support having your DNS hosted elsewhere (most hosting providers aren’t capable of running DNS infrastructure reliably in the first place). I guess you could ask them if you should be looking at using DreamHost or Digital Ocean as a hosting provider instead.

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