Add domain to Cloudflare without the Business subscription


I just need to create redirects on my domain but for that I need to connect Cloudfare on my domain. However, I can’t change my DNS so I have to use CNAME. But I can’t afford to pay more than 200$ for a business subscription just to do redirects! Is it possible to do redirects without paying these 200$ ?


The only way you can add a domain to Cloudflare on free plan is by changing the nameservers/dns for it. Like you noted, you need Business for CNAME Setups, and for subdomain nameserver setups you need Enterprise.
You can find the docs on Zone Setups here:

You could just do the redirects on your origin web server, unrelated to Cloudflare. If you are using a specific framework (like Wordpress) or Web Server, googling “How set up redirects in {software}” (ex. “How to set up redirects in Wordpress”) should lead you in the right direction, or you could just ask your current web host if they offer support.


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