Add DMARC to my DNS

How do you add DMARC to my DNS record for email?

Like any other record.

Just add a TXT record named “_dmarc”, so that in the end it looks like “”, with the contents of your record (like “v=DMARC1; …”.

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Is this correct?

You can only have 1 single DMARC record, and in your case you have 2 of them.

If you want the DMARC reports to be received/processed by Cloudflare, delete the first one and leave the second one. And vice versa.

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Does it matter that my email is via Google?

Would I want to create only DMARC record?

*Would I want to create only one DMARC record?

Where do I include the text record from Google?

Is this correct? I added the text record for Google.

You still show one more DMARC record than is allowed. You MUST delete one of them. If you do not, you will not have working DMARC.

I strongly recommend that you delete the one with your email address in it. You really do not want DMARC reports in your inbox.


Ok. I have removed this DMARC record. Thanks

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