Add custom domains to DNS so clients can point there domain at our app

Hi we have a saas application. Our app creates DNS for example

[email protected]

Our clients want to point there custom domain–>[email protected]

Can we do this with Cloudflare DNS how do we do it?

So your customers have their own domain elsewhere ? should resolve to

Sounds like a CNAME record on customer’s side. :thinking:

How would that look - any info on how that is done. Do we have to touch our DNS? What do they need to add on their side?

Thanks for help

Depends. If you want every customer to have their “own” subdomain within your zone: yes. I could imahine that it might work that way:

Your zone settings:
customer-one > A > 123.456.789.1

Customer would have to configure a CNAME within their zone > CNAME >

Tha’s a way I would try.

well every customer has a subdomain already in our zone so if our zone were

each customer has

So in your example where you have


a means aaa record? do we need the IP or do we add the subdomain url

at the moment each subdomain has SSL as we have a wildcard SSL cert on our domain - would that SSL still work for custom domains mapped over ? Or do they need to add SSL on the domain with their host?

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