"Add CSS" app stopped working

I’ve had the “Add CSS” app installed on my site for over a year without issue and on 8/18 it suddenly stopped working. The CSS that normally gets inserted into the head of the site is not there. The Cloudflare settings for the site have not been changed and the website has not gone through any recent changes either. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

I created a ticket for the issue #2236112 @MoreHelp

Can you share what pages you installed the Add CSS app?

I added it to this subdomain: https://projects.xtremewebsites.com

I don’t show the app as installed there, but rather on mydev/.

Did you notice an issue prior to pausing cloudflare on the site? And, if you resume cloudflare does the issue go away?

I just checked the app again and it’s installed on the right site (see here). I resumed Cloudflare on the site and it’s still not working.

Same issue here. Was working great for months. Suddenly stopped working around the same timeframe you mentioned (not sure of exact day) - it hasn’t been touched/edited for over a month.

@roberto are you using an adblocker like uOrigin? Mine was blocking the path for some weird reason.