Add colocation center selection in WARP

I really like the WARP cloudflare, it doesn’t always connect to the nearest server. For example, I am connected to a server in Moscow (DME), although I live in Ukraine. It would be nice to have a choice of the nearest locations (for example, Poland, Austria, Russia for me) or simply based on the IP address of your country. Previously, I was connected to the KBP and I had a very good ping to Europe. Now I cannot use WARP for games, because the delay has doubled due to the greater distance of the colocation center.

Please, add the ability to select the colocation center.

For a bit of info on why you might not be connecting to the geographically closest PoP:

Cloudflare uses Anycast networking to route clients to the most optimal traffic route, it goes off a variety of factors including geographic location, ISP peering, congestion and more.

This means that the colo you are routed to may not always be the geographically closest one, that’s decided by the various routers that your packet comes across on it’s journey to the Cloudflare network.

See Peering - Why don’t I reach the closest datacenter to me? for some more details on this one.

Yes, I know what a peering provider, uplinks and etc. But here I only have a problem with the WARP, even the ping to the warp servers 5-6ms, which I came across before (screen below). All other services are located in my country, I checked using MTR.
All server located in my country
#1 server WARP

#2 server WARP


Apparently to set your location you need to set up a Team and then a Team Gateway. May need a paid Teams plan and/or Warp+

Setting a ‘location’ in Teams allows a host using the Warp client to query using DNS policies assigned to that location (or a client without it with a matching IP to that clocation to make DNS queries based on the location/ policy), it doesn’t impact or change the ingress datacenter reported in the Warp client.

I bought a WARP + subscription, but I still can’t choose a location. This is very bad…

but connects me to Russia …
MTR - Kiev.

Choosing a location / colo isn’t an option. In a Teams plan a ‘location’ is a policy object for the application of DNS filtering policies.

I can’t figure out which side is the problem? If before the MTR traffic goes to the KBP, then it should be connected there, but we see that the center is DME

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