Add certificate to the cloudflare load balancer

Hey all

i have added a new load balancer and i have 3 origins configured behind it, each is a server with a different dns.
when i am trying to access the load balancer with http://load-balancer-dns
then i am getting an un-secure connection. how do i issue a certificate for the load balancer then ?

Each origin should have a certificate for the original hostname, it doesn’t make any difference that there is a load balancer in front.

You can use a signed certificate, Cloudflare’s supplied Origin certificate, or configure Cloudflare to accept insecure certificate (less ideal).

each of the origins behind it has a certificate issued to it.
but again when i go to https://loiad-balancer-dns
it says it is not secure


each origin has a different DNS, these are 3 servers that i want to load balance.

            [Load balancer]
[Server A].   [Server B]. [Server C]. 

Servers A-C have their own DNS

They need certificates for loiad-balancer-dns, not their unique hostnames.

What is the exact error? Or the actual domain?

so i need to issue a certificate for the load balancer’s dns on each one of the 3 servers ?
just making sure - this is the load balancer

Thanks, that helps. I checked the certificate when I connect to, I get a certificate for instead. My browser notices the difference and flags it as a mismatch. The server needs a certificate for the exact hostname as the user sees in their browser.

In other words, configure each load balancer as though it is the only server hosting


i just want to make sure i am understanding your answer, every server needs to have a certificate for the dns of the load balancer ?

Yes, exactly.

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