Add automatic "focus" to 2FA input field

For the love of god and all that is holy, PLEASE add one line of code to the 2FA screen to automatically move the keyboard focus to the 2FA input field!

It’s a total pain to login, grab my 2FA device to get the code, then have to move the mouse and click into the input before entering the 2FA code. It really would be great if the page could just do this automatically, like most other 2FA input fields do on other sites. It’s literally one line of JavaScript after the form is loaded:

setTimeout(() => { document.getElementById("twofactor_token").focus();}, 1500);

Thank you.


Thanks for the feedback - I will share with our dashboard team internally for you :slight_smile: .


Yes please!

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When signing into the Cloudflare Dashboard and it requests my MFA code. It would be nice if it would automatically select the code entry field when the page is displayed so that I can immediately start typing the code into it rather than having to manually click the field and then enter the code.

It might seem a little pedantic but I find myself trying to enter the code without the field being selected so have to type twice haha. Other sites seem to auto select the MFA code entry field which is possibly why I’m finding it so hard to adapt my behaviour and forget to click manually first.

@DavidA I’ve merged your post to this topic which seems to be asking for the same thing.

Thank you, that does look the same.