Add Argo capped billing thresholds


Would love to see an option to allow CF customers to cap the max billing $$$ they can spent on Argo to keep costs within expected ranges and not to blow one’s budget for higher than usual traffic spikes

For example if a site regularly gets 150GB bandwidth used for CF responses and around 10% more in terms of CF requests ((150x1.1)-1)x0.10 = $16.40/month for Argo bandwidth variable component.

But if there’s a spike in legit traffic to 5000GB bandwidth with CF requests 1:1 ratio, then Argo variable bandwidth costs would be ((2x5000)-1) x 0.10 = $999.90 that month !

Would then be nice if CF customer could set a capped max total cost on Argo variable bandwidth costs to say $50/month and once you reach that preset cap, Argo routing is disabled for the month.