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We have the free service so we can get our .Gov domain setup. I was wondering if there is a way to add another user to help manage this site?

Thank you


Thank you for asking.

Yes, there is a way to add another member under your CF account.

The Multi-User account option might be what you’re looking for:

Thank you for the information. On the main page, it shows me the .GOV domain. However, whenever I click on manage domains, it does not show me the .GOV domain. So I cannot click on manage. I will check tomorrow to see if it just takes sometime before it shows up under that area.

If you click on your Cloudflare account, therefore from the left sidebar there is “Manage Account”. Under that menu item you should see “Members”.

Direct link here:


Thank you for that direct link. That worked. However, if I go to our page, then I do not see that option.

Thank you again

I am guessing that is the Overview page of that .gov domain, yes? Members are added to accounts, not specific zones/domains.

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