Add an MX record for your root domain

I can’t find mx record when I try to add one
please help and thank you

If you use your domain name for email, you need an MX record. If not, then you can ignore that warning.

yes I wanna use my domaine name for email, but I can’t find it in add record tab

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If Mx doesn’t show in the drop down list when choosing record type then you are likely in a CNAME setup in which case the Mx record needs to be set in your authoritative DNS not in Cloudflare. What is the domain?

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What do you see when you attempt to choose the ‘type’ when adding a new record?

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That’s all what I see
Screenshot 2020-02-17 at 00.27.59.png

Hi @kharbachnasser,

Doesn’t the MX option appear just below LOC?

The record types list is a bit long, so you need to use scrolling.

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No, LOC its the last one in the list
I don’t know how to use scrolling, I’m beginner

I hope if you can explain more

Since this is a drop down with many values, you have to scroll through the options until you find the one you want - in this case, the MX.

When viewing the list, as you published previously, position the cursor over it and scroll down.

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I have no idea how I can do it , anyway thanks for help

I can’t find mx and txt record in dns management

Please don’t double post, @kharbachnasser.

that’s because I don’t have solution

It looks like you have a scrolling issue, becuase I’m pretty sure the list continues.

Hover your mouse over LOC, and it should highlight grey. Then without moving the mouse, use the down arrow. That should highlight the next option, even though it’s not scrolling. Then hit ENTER.

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yes you’re right , thank you so much sir
and sorry for doubling post


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