Add an A record for public IP

I have a free user account with Cloudflare, I want to buy a Cloudflare domain to access my site but my site is on another cloud server with a public IP like
I want to know if its possible to point the new domain name to the IP address of my cloud server so if I type the domain name it will resolve to my cloud server IP

You can

Thank you sir, please can you give me some guidelines to achieve that.
Thank you

If you are willing to buy domain from Cloudflare registrar than look at this

This should help you get started with adding dns records

I am just a 18 year old kid :joy:. sir is too much may be

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Make sure to configure Properly the SSL certificate at the origin if it’s a web server. Also open the ports that you require at the origin

There is this guide for adding DNS records

and these docs for getting started with Cloudflare

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Does it mean I cant enjoy the free SSL that Cloudflare gives once i point the domain to my public IP?

Universal SSL will still apply if you point your domain to an IP address. Cloudflare will “proxy” that IP address and protect it, providing:

  • free SSL
  • anti-DDoS
  • caching
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You can enjoy the free SSL but there’s different modes to it. I think you probably go through the doc’s New to Cloudflare? Start here. · Cloudflare Fundamentals docs


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