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I have two domain that which one is main and other is pointer domain to the main domain. for example, the main domain is “asd” and pointer domain is “zxc”, and in DirectAdmin, I add “zxc” as pointer and alias domain to “asd”. now I added “” to Cloudflare and change name server to Cloudflare NS, for “” what configuration should I do in Cloudflare and name server?

If you have already set up the alias on your server control panel then just point both domains there (with the DNS records provided by the host) and everything else will be done there.

Does this mean I should set NS of two domains to Cloudflare NameServer and add both of theme to it?

Hi, I have the same question.
But How can I get Cloudflare NS?

You should change both domains to Cloudflare and point them with DNS records to your host.

You can find the nameservers when you sign up for a Cloudflare account at

for add alias domain to Cloudflare which type of DNS Records should I choose?

as shown in the picture my main domine is and alias is but I can’t access the website from “sihami” domain. both of theme set to Cloudflare name server.

You have added the record in the wrong place, select the sihami domain from the drop down at the top and add the record there.

The one you currently have is for

I’m sorry, what dropdown?


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