Add ahrefs to firewall's whitelist

Hi folks.

I’d like to scan my website with

Apparently now is blocked by Firewall rules

I’ve asked Ahrefs support and their answer was mixed:

So I don’t know exactly what to do.

Please help.

You can make a new rule to allow them. Their answer isn’t mixed though, the article on the left is preventing them from searching. Live chat the agent sent the IP and User-Agent so that you can make a Firewall allow rule.

The ideal rule would be checking the IPs and verifying User-Agent. You can make a list of their IPs and then make a rule for it.
To make a list:
To make a firewall rule:


Your rule is blocking all known (“good”) bots not coming from the US. Ahrefs is a known bot, so your rule will block it if it’s not using a US node.


Thank you so much. I’ll try it and let you know.

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