Add a valid host header

I switched an existing website to a new provider and Cloudflare is giving me an error:

Error 1003

Ray ID: 630639240f5a39e3 • 2021-03-15 13:52:36 UTC

Direct IP access not allowed

You’ve requested an IP address that is part of the Cloudflare network. A valid Host header must be supplied to reach the desired website.

The URL is with GoDaddy, so I went to the domain manager and I’m not sure what the host name should be.

Did you update your DNS records here to point to the new server?

I am trying to do that now, but this is what I am getting:

A few problems:

  1. That’s GoDaddy DNS, which won’t help when it comes to Cloudflare DNS.
  2. The hostname you entered is redundant. Not that it matters, because of #1 above, but maybe it should be blank for the apex domain and just the one word (eg ‘www’) for subdomains.
  3. When adding an IP address, leave off the http and slashes. It’s just numbers and dots.

Back to the problem at hand. If your site is at GoDaddy, you need to find the correct IP address of the server your site is hosted on. If you can’t find it in your GoDaddy panel, ask their Support for your server’s IP address.

I really do appreciate your help! Should I do one of these two items on the GoDaddy website?

Nope. Forwards won’t do anything, as you’re using Cloudflare DNS. Can’t transfer to GoDaddy because that domain is already registered at GoDaddy.

The DNS of the domain is with GoDaddy, and they said, “since the website is designed in another third party developer site, they should help you with the IP address or the nameservers and you can add the details in the DNS in the GoDaddy account.”

I’m afraid Cloudflare can’t help you track this down, but once you get the correct IP address, you can add it to your DNS here.

I got the impression that my website hosting was taken over by CloudFlare. The domain is with GoDaddy, but I have no idea where the site hosting is now!!

So, which is it?

You probably couldn’t tell that I’m ignorant regarding these issues… but the first is correct. I previously had my site developed by GoDaddy, but accidentally allowed it to expire (the site, not the domain) so they deleted all site data and said I would have to start over from scratch. That option was too expensive so I redesigned it using When I published it, I was passed on to CloudFlare, but the site errors out.

If you type in your browser you will see the error.

That website is an NGINX GoDaddy server with an iframe that contains a GoDaddy IP address.

Hi sdayman, I think I have the IP address fixed, but still get a message " Direct IP access not allowed". Would this be a “propagation” issue just needing more time?

That website is using GoDaddy name servers and points to a Cloudflare IP address. Neither of those are the proper way to set up a site on Cloudflare.

I suggest you reset your GoDaddy DNS and not touch Cloudflare until you get your site properly working with HTTPS on GoDaddy.

With the help of a GoDaddy support rep, I added the NS records to be and

Again, the error message says, “You’ve requested an IP address that is part of the Cloudflare network. A valid Host header must be supplied to reach the desired website.” I’ve tried everything I know to add the required Host header.

Which is why I suggested you step back and get your site running with GoDaddy.

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