Add a subdirectory to push into SamCart?


I’m hoping to add a subdirectory that SamCart can have access to.

ex. <— is already setup and working perfectly <— would like to add this subdirectory

Any idea how to create a subdirectory in Cloudflare?
Does this make sense?

The SamCart team said it can be done in Cloudflare but said I would have to check with the team here.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.
If this is in the wrong category please let me know.



You’re paying for SamCart, right? If they say it can be done so it works with their system, maybe they should tell you how.

Hey Sdayman,

Is there a link or something you can guide me to?
Their support team sent me the below.

Does this make it more clear?

I’m not opposed to paying for the tutorial or upgrading for tech support.

If you can help me with any of this, it would be greatly appreciated.

SamCart Rep:
I just spoke with another strategist who said, “You can create separate Custom Domains with different sub-domains and add them to particular products if you want to get rid of all URLs from SamCart entirely (including the “/products”). Again, this would all be done through Cloudflare.”

I’m not sure how it looks at their end, but I’m guessing they will let you create a subdomain, such as that points to the /bonus subdirectory.

At Cloudflare’s end, you would create a DNS entry that matches, but it will be named ‘bonus’ (no quotes) that points to the same place as the main domain. Probably a CNAME. Samcart would have to tell you what that would be.

Really, it’s nothing specific to Cloudflare. It’s plain DNS that they should have been able to explain or have a tutorial for.

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Awesome, thank you so much.

On it.


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