Add a new site SUBDOMAIN only

i am trying to add as a new site but its not accepting it.
my examplee(dot)com is already on cloudflare i created 2 NS records of which points to a different hosting company. I want that sub(dot)examplee(dot)com should also use cloudflare.
So once sub(dot)examplee(dot)com is accepted as new site then i will point the NS records to clouldflare and be happy

Cloudflare does not allow you to create sub domains as sites (except possibly on an enterprise plan), only the full domain.

my is pointed to different name severs using NS records of (already on cloudflare). How to get activate ssl for it ?

Hi @siddharthgupta11dece,

Are you on an Enterprise plan? If not, as @thedaveCA mentioned earlier, you won’t be able to add a subdomain zone. You would need to manage that subdomain from within the DNS of your main domain. If you delegate the subdomain nameservers away from Cloudflare then you won’t get any of the benefits they provide.

If your “” is already on Cloudflare, then you can remove the NS records in your DNS page that pointed that subdomain to another host. Then that subdomain will fall under your current account.

Your host should be able to do this.


Cảm ơn các chú nhiều…tạ ơn sau…Thank. !!

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