Add a list of IP adressess to firewall block list

Hi , the CDN of my website is on Cloudflare ( free version)
I was under attack, unfortunately Cloudflare couldn’t protect me against this attack but , after removing my dns from Cloudflare , I have a list of ATTACKERS IP, so now I know which IPs where attacking.
My question is : how can i import full list of my IP addresses to Cloudflare firewall ? there are more than 500 IP and i can not add them one by one.

edit: in list section I added a list and added all my Ips then I went to firewall and added a rule to block all IPS in the list but
its not working!!
any help?

I assume you mean, right?

That’s generally a possible approach and will work if you configured it correctly.

  • Which domain is it?
  • Post a screenshot of your firewall rule.
  • Post a screenshot of your firewall rules list.

And generally, I’d probably rather check if these really are all addresses from different networks, otherwise I’d block rather by CIDR or ASN.

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screenshot of firewall rule :

screenshot of list:

That domain is currently not using Cloudflare.

yes. because I couldn’t fix it , I migrate to other CDNs to check. but its temporary and i will come back.
should I be here so you can check my rules?

Well, your records do not seem to be proxied, so the firewall won’t work, you need to make sure the web-related records are set to :orange:. But once that is properly configured these addresses should be blocked.

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