Add a domain without validation OR Having static Cloudflare nameservers. Is it possible?

Hijacking your thread if you dont mind…

Is there a way to add a domain without validation ? Does Cloudflare ever allow this?

The idea would be to add the domain, set the dns records, have everything ready and only then register it with the registrar.

Probably no

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Hi @ivan.radisson

The Answer is No as said by @cloonan

You just need to add 2 Nameservers for verification is there any problem adding ?

Thanks for moving my question to its own thread. I went ahead and renamed it to make it easier to understand and also to be able to expand on it.



My question was related to adding a domain that hasn’t been registered yet (a domain that doesn’t exist).

There’s 2 separate reasons for asking this:

To be able to prep the DNS records. And have it ready. Because sometimes registration can be burocratic and/or take time and happen later. Crazy schedules, whatever.

@cloonan answered. And I understand its not possible.

I would like to know if I always get the same pair of nameservers for every new domain added to my Cloudflare account.

I read somewhere else that different nameservers can be provided, even on a single account. And as new Cloudflare user, that got me thinking… Knowing the nameservers beforehand is quite important in some of my particular domain registrations. In one of the countries I work with, domain registration is done on paper, on a centralized registrar (a local public institution), and for the registration, the nameservers are required. And if we need to change something later, they charge for it.

So if I can’t provide the Cloudflare nameservers because I dont know them, I dont even know if they will accept the domain registration. And even if I provide alternative nameservers (from a different provider, for example, where I also have an account), just to be able to register the domain so that I can then move it to Cloudflare, I would have to fill and submit another paper form with the correct nameservers (provided by Cloudflare in the meantime) and pay a second charge just for the “update”.

I really liked everything I’ve seen from my new account with Cloudflare so far, the automatic import is very slick, interface is intuitive… so what remains now is this aspect of adding new domains… I want to have some kind of mental plan on how I will operate in the future.

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I’d recommend finding a new domain registrar/management company . I am aware that some charge stupid amounts (e.g. $200) simply to update nameservers. If your business wants to pay that tax then they certainly can, but :person_shrugging: not possible on Cloudflare.

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What i meant was in this case, there’s only one registrar. There’s no way around them.

Do you know the answer to this?

Yes. You don’t. And if you set them to Cloudflare before the zone exists it will result in an error which won’t allow you to add the zone to Cloudflare.

I dont know what to say…
As a user of a different DNS service (for more than 10 years), where the nameservers were always the same for my account, I never had to deal with this situation before. In this other DNS service, I could always add a domain. And it would show whether delegation was done correctly or not. It’s a much more flexible system for me, as a user.

And I don’t want to sound like I’m complaining. I’m really just trying to understand how things work (even read the story) and what kind of workarounds are provided (for example, I would like to know if getting in touch with Cloudflare Support would help with getting a “fixed” set of nameservers).

The current system, as explained, works well for existing domains.

But for new domain registrations, in scenarios like mine, where the registrar doesn’t provide any DNS service but requires nameservers to be provided on the registration paper form, the current system is far from ideal, it’s like getting trapped in a loop.

The problem is not only the direct cost of the update. It’s around $35 or so, not $200 as you said (that would be crazy). But it’s the extra work and a prolonged process… Configuring one DNS service (not Cloudflare) for the initial registration, then setup Cloudflare for the update. A couple of days in between (waiting for propagation). Two visits to the registrar (instead of just one)… . Gasoline and time wasted, without any added value.

I used to get charged by a large “brand protection” registrar for similar changes. The last bill they sent me was for their “exit fee”.

It is possible to set up Account Level custom nameservers.

I’m not sure if account level nameservers negate the initial validation step.

That is a horrible tactic.

In my case, to be honest, what the local registrar is charging, in my understanding, is for the “effort” they have of taking a paper form and going on their system to do whatever change is needed.
Yeah, it’s a ludicrous way of doing things. I know. We have to pay for their inefficiency and lack of an online system where I would be able to self-service. But i can’t change this. They’ve been operating like this for years… And local companies (that I work with) usually prefer the country TLD instead of going for .com or .net .

I can see it’s only available for Premium and Enterprise :neutral_face:. I’m on the free plan right now and I don’t expect to get to a point where I will be on Premium or Enterprise. I can maybe need to use Pro but that’s it.


Cloudflare domains on Business or Enterprise plans can set Custom Nameservers at Cloudflare: