Add a domain/subdomain to WAF plan

We are planning to add few domains/subdomains to Cloudflare WAF(only WAF). Is it possible?
Plan is to : Buy a WAF plan - add a domain/subdomain to the WAF. Domain DNS will be hosted elsewhere.

If you’re willing to pay for Business or Enterprise, you can use CNAME Setup: Partial (CNAME) setup · Cloudflare DNS docs
Your DNS could still be elsewhere, and you’d just have a CNAME Record to
This would work fine on subdomains, but if you wanted to use your apex (i.e instead of, your DNS Provider would have to support CNAME Flattening.

This would result in your traffic all being proxied through Cloudflare, and wouldn’t just be through WAF alone, you’d also have your traffic go through compression, be affected by page rules/redirect rules, etc. The full proxy features.

If you wanted to do this with the Biz plan, you’d also have to pay for Biz on each subdomain/domain you want proxied/protected.
On Enterprise, you can delegate a subdomain nameservers to Cloudflare (, so you could have, and,, etc.

Otherwise, you will need to have the full domain use Cloudflare DNS in a full setup.
Cloudflare’s DNS is one of the fastest if not the fastest DNS around, and you get unlimited queries, full anycast, etc. If you can do it, there’s little reason not to use their DNS.

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