Add a domain - error is not a registered domain

Trying to add a new domain. I have done 25 others with no issues.
This is the first time i have had this issue. is not a registered domain
(FROM VENTRAIP) Your domain name registration for has been successful.
I have logged into my domain console, set nameservers as i have done 25 times before. There is no issue with domain. All settings identical to all other 25 i have purchased.
Cloudflare blantantly refuses to allow me to add it in.
What am i missing here?
All help would be very much appreciated.

Which domain? You listed two. looks good to me. Are you sure you only typed in the raw domain name? It accepts it for me:

1 Like already has Cloudflare name servers, so I presume you’ve already added that one successfully.

No. Not working.

Top of Form

Enter your site ( is not a registered domain

Add site

Bottom of Form

As I said, your already has Cloudflare name servers.

I can get cloudflare to work immediately with the .com or extension
as soon as i add i get the domain is not registered.
Any ideas?


I’d start by following the link above, the thread explains why the error. If that is your domain, change the nameservers away from cloudflare to the default from your registrar and then add it to your site. You make that change with your domain registrar.

After you’ve added the domain to your cloudflare account, then change the nameservers at your registrar to cloudflare.

all sorted, skipped to fast to changing nameservers. thanks

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