Add a domain already existing with another user :O

I was surprised to find out that I could add a domain already hosted on Cloudflare by another account :open_mouth:

It didn’t import any of the records except the wildcard and prompted me to add new records.

At the end it wanted me to update nameservers and had status pending.

Now I dont really know how Cloudflare manages their nameserver designations per user, but what if the other user had my same nameserver designations? would I steal the domain from them?

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There’s a longer explanation on the Cloudflare blog: What's the story behind the names of CloudFlare's name servers?

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That blog post is great for some historical context, but we also cross check for the zone and name server combination before issuing it. I think we also have more name servers now as well.


I see that clears up a lot. Curious about the zone import though. I saw another thread in the security category on this very topic. Someone claimed by adding a Cloudflare domain it imported the records exposing origins.